About Me

Visiting MIT
My name is Daryl Bambic and I am a veteran educator of 28 years.  In September (2012) I began my first year as a school administrator with the lofty title of Director of Innovation in Teaching and Learning.  I am incredibly grateful that my school community gave me an opportunity to share my ideas of pedagogy and technology with the college and its stakeholders.  That said, all the opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the position of my school community.

 In 2008, I attended an educational technology conference in Boston that became the most significant event in my teaching career.  I speak of my career in terms of before and after Boston.  Three short days of intense and exciting learning, turned me around, upside down and inside out.  I almost could not believe what educators were doing with the amazing potential of web2.0 tools!  It took almost one day to understand their language.  What on earth is 'semantic web' and why would anyone want to use a cell phone in their classroom as a learning tool?  After acclimatizing, I stepped into the fray, opened up as wide as I could and soaked in these transformational ideas.

When I returned to my school and reported to the Headmaster about what I had seen, I was still firmly in the grips of the "Boston Experience".  My excitement was barely containable.  I babbled on about wikis, web 2.0 tools and screencasting software.  I had a vision of where our school could go with these tools and I wanted that so badly that it almost felt painful.

Years later I look back and marvel at the change in my colleagues and in the learning spaces that we create for our students.    We have changed and are beginning to occupy a more important space in the digital world.  I sense that it is just the beginning.

This blog was born out of a need to share what I was learned.  My first byline was "sharing: a remedy for cognitive 'overdrive-itis'.  My twitter feeds and blog rolls filled me with so many ideas that I thought my brain would simply burst and little bits and bites would tumble out!  Now, the blog is a place where I gather my thoughts to reflect about important issues that touch the classroom, teachers and especially, our wonderful students.  It also serves as a repository for my ideas and work.

So now that you know more about me.  Maybe this page will motivate you to engage me in a conversation about things we both care about.