Friday, May 25, 2018

60 Rocks

Made with Google Drawings
The summer I turned 60 was amazing; I spent two weeks on a beautiful beach in Northern Michigan with family and then one week on another beach in the Carribean.   "60 Rocks" became my official motto; I had never felt better, never felt more 'my true self', and never felt more excited about the future and my place in it.

I had a VERY long list "To Do" list and most of it was digital; build a website from code, learn Illustrator, learn JavaScript, get certified as a Google Trainer, up my photography game, build my YouTube channel...and the list continued.  That's true to form for me; even on the weekends when I was working, the Saturday morning "To Do" list was too long.

Almost one year into retirement, here's what happened: NOTHING digital for the first six months.  I learned how to knit with YouTube videos and spend time making jewelry with my beloved beads.  It felt like a 'digital detox'; a mental purging of everything digital or at least the demands my digital 'to do list' were making on my time. Digital Daryl dove deep into the physical and manual creative arts.

Then in January, I went into 'course preparation mode' for the second iteration of the 'Introduction to Psychology' online course that I offer for senior high school students.  I create much of the media for the course as well as do a fair bit of the writing.  I agonize over the videos and spend far too much time on this.  Still, every single day I am grateful to have the opportunity to decide to spend 'too much time' doing what I love to do.  The course is winding down soon and the students will give me feedback on how to improve it for next year.  I look forward to making it better for the third iteration.

GOING FORWARD, I still have a crazy digital 'to do' list but I think tempered with the flavor of creativity and the realization that there is no rush.  Funny how I remind myself daily of, "Hey, I'm retired!  Relax!"

My next step is making a decision about this blog that no one reads (OK Lorrie, except you).  Some of the posts are special and I'll archive them but I'm planning on decommissioning the blog.  (Is that what you do to a blog?)  The domain name doesn't feel right anymore, I don't want to write about technology in education and I want to put my focus elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this post or any of the other ones.