Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Retire, Return, Re-invent

I sit perched on the brink of retirement; July 21st, 2017.  I began this blog in 2009 because I needed a place to share the explosions of excitement in my head and heart.  In 2008, I learned about wikis and the digital spaces where teachers and students could share, learn and create content together.  That changed my teaching career and the amazing school that has been my home for the past 17 years.  In the early days, a few of my colleagues became infected with my digital desires and a few short years after that, the headmaster of the school decreed, "We are all going wiki!"

It seems like a blur from that point onward; a move into administration, becoming a Google Apps for Education (G Suite now) school, taking the leap into BYOD (students bring their own device), cellphones, social media and twitter for teachers, presenting at conferences, moving (almost) everything to the cloud, online teaching and so much more!

The blur is about to stop, the dust will settle and I will take several steps back to look at the bigger picture of my life; not only as a teacher but as a person who followed the scent of perceived truth to the best of her abilities.  I feel like what I imagine a first-time base jumper or parachutist must feel; exhilarated, anxious and apprehensive.
skeeze on Pixabay
My sense is that I will return to my roots (all things philosophical) because it feels good, true and right.  My hope is that the return to roots will be the first step in my reinvention; some of that will keep me connected to a young learning community and well, the rest will become clearer as I take a leap off the cliff!

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  1. Yay! This is beautifully written, Daryl, and I'm so excited for you. Your achievements are no small matter, and you have changed the world just by being true to your passions. So inspiring. I hope you continue to share your joys and agonies online, and please remember - if you stumble or fall, your friends are here for you. Wiki Namaste.