Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vector Graphics with Google Drawings

In the suite of Google Apps, I think that Drawings is under appreciated and under used.  Most people don't know some of the amazing things you can do with drawings.  Here is a quick list of some of the ways I used Google Drawings:

  1. to make thumbnails for my videos (great for branding and avoiding that awkward 'open mouth moment' at the midpoint of the tutorial
  2. classroom posters (Canva is great for this too but Google Drawings comes with all the sharing goodness of the other apps, commenting, file history and on and on
  3. for commenting and labelling pictures from my phone or the web (think of students in the science class who take pictures of various steps in their lab
  4. or for creating vector art like this avatar of myself
  5. (notice the honest crow's feet)
The magic begins at page set-up where you can choose 'custom' and then between inches, centimeters, points or pixels.  If I am making a YouTube thumbnail, I select 720 x 1280 pixels, use the rule of thirds, primary colours and basic shapes for an attractive image.

Google drawings are free so you won't be spending money on  monthly subscriptions (like Adobe CC).  Of course there are only the basic features (compared to Illustrator) but with some imagination, and online help from graphic artists  (Joshua Pomeroy), even newbie aspiring artists can do some great work.

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