Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pushing and Pulling Information Flow with IFTTT

It's time to take RSS feeds to the next level and we can do this easily using ifttt.com ('if this then that').  Think of channels of information that ebb and flow around you.  Ifttt creates 'triggers' or 'if this then that' statements that trigger a certain action to happen.  If you subscribe to a blog, or any website where there is new content, you receive some notification when new material is posted.  You can create your own triggers and channel your information flow to suit your needs.  Ifttt has sixty eight channels that you can trigger with different 'ingredients'.

For example, you can tell ifttt to send you a text message every morning reminding you to do your sit ups!  Simply select the date/time channel and the 'ingredient' you want, which in this case would be date or time.  Then select the text message service, enter your phone number as well as a message for yourself about the reminder.

At first glance ifttt might seem a bit intimidating but play around with it for a while and browse the recipes others have shared.  Try one out for yourself and see how you can use this service to stay (or become) organized.  

I will be using ifttt in my classes this year and helping my students be informed about the latest materials I bookmark for the anthropology class.  I have included the video (in two parts) for extra help and information.  
 Use ifttt with Diigo & Twitter

Use ifttt with Diigo and Gmail

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