Sunday, April 29, 2012

Original Music for Student Creations

mic.egg by tincup on Aviary
mic.egg by tincup on Aviary
Students love publishing their work to the web and sharing their creative insights with their peers and the world.  This is a perfect time to remind these prodigious producers of content about being good digital citizens and respecting copyright licences.  There are many great sites where students can find copyright free or creative commons images and music but they can just as easily create their own music with applications like Garageband or this fabulous suite of tools at Aviary.  No knowledge of music is necessary to quickly create an intro or 'outro' for their work.  I did this 10 second intro, recorded my voice, added some special effects to the voice and in no time at all, I've got an original piece ready to add to podcasts and videos.

But be warned, you might find yourself spending more time than planned on testing out the great loops on Myna.

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