Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Transformational Blogging

PS22 is the dynamite choir from New York that sang at the Oscar's last Sunday night.

 I stumbled upon this choir and their incredible teacher last year when I was looking for lyrics to Stevie Nicks' Landslide for a lesson on the power of metaphor put to music.  (It was my third post as a new blogger where I reflected on reasons why teachers use technology in the classroom: for the connections it makes possible.)  I will never forget the impact that hearing these voices had on my grade 10 students.  As I reflect on this now,  I understand that these young voices resonated with my students so deeply not only because of the magic of music but also because they were an example of what can be achieved when they world listens to your voice.  Read the testimonies of the artists who are touched by this choir and you will see the power the young voice has to make a difference.  I showed everyone I knew this video and soon, my colleagues and I were following the amazing journey of Mr. B and his incredible kids.

Their successes have been simply breathtaking.  This teacher's seemingly simple decision to blog about his class and publish their voices for the world to  hear is one of the best reasons I know to connect your classroom and students to social media.  Something transformational happens when students (and teachers!) write, create and share for an authentic audience.  In this instance, the young artists of PS22 are not the only benefactors; it seems that adults are profoundly moved by their voices and the hope that this new generation represents.

It is simply amazing what kids can do.  Connect them to a real audience and help them find a 'real' voice.  Thanks to Mr. B for sharing these voices with the world.

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