Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving TED

If you are like many teachers I know, is one of your favorite spots on the web for "brain juicing" and creative muscle flexing.  I first started using TED for my own learning but quickly brought the best ones into the classroom and by now, they are an integral part of my social science courses.  Maybe you have already found Jackie Gerstein's wiki, Teaching with TED, or this invaluable directory of every TED talk ever given!

TED talks have a certain magic to them; they're inspirational, educational and can be transformational.  When my students listen to Isabel Allende speak of passion or Adora Svitak remind students that their voices count, they are deeply moved and dare to dream of what might be possible for them.  Adora says it well: you have to first dream of something before you can realize it.

If this resonates with you, then head over to and listen to the mash up of past TED speakers on the subject dear to all our hearts; education.  If you are moved by that, then scroll down and fill out the form indicating your interest in participating in the "TED-ED Brain Trust" (click on the chevrons to get to the form).  Who knows where it can lead?  Jump in and add your voice. I just did.

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