Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not All Hard Work

Today was the annual carnival and the students went skiing and tubing.  Honestly, I didn't feel festive or even like relaxing.  I've got work piling up and too many things left undone.  The slide presentation from the Feb 14th LCEEQ conference where I presented "Connected Students, Connected Teachers" still doesn't have any audio. I have lots of little video projects unfinished and other loose ends that never seem to get 'tied up' until June 30th.

Long lists and unfinished work aside, I dressed for a day of snow fun and headed to the hills with the kids and my colleagues.  It was the best thing I've done in long while.  The welcome momentary relief from the city brought a measure of peace I didn't know I needed.  Colleagues were able to sit and talk with one another about our lives beyond the classroom and best of all, feel like a kid again, if only for a few seconds. I admit it; I squealed with joy as the inner tube hurled down the mountain.  I loved it and we had a great day.  Sometimes the best thing for learning and the brain is a good laugh, some relaxing time and acting like a kid.

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