Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kicking It Up a Notch: Wikis Work

There are few things that give a teacher greater pleasure than fanning the fires of student creativity and desire to learn.  This year at my college, many teachers waded into unfamiliar territory and learned how to use wikis as their digital hub, migrating from their familiar learning management system to an unknown digital space where students were more than passive consumers of teacher content but creative participants.  This morning, Mr. Neill and I entered the building at the same time and engaged in some "shop talk".  He shared some of his recent successes with both his grade 7 and 11 students; all because of heightened student engagement.  That's teacher speak for "they were chomping at the mouth excited about this project"; which is a close paraphrase to the actual content of our conversation.  Because my colleague is such a good sport, he answered "Yes!" to my question, "Wait, can I get this on camera and blog about it?"

The magic of a wiki is its ability to network its members into a common culture of creativity and knowledge sharing.  That is networked literacy; that is the power of networks.  Our kids know that; teachers are beginning to understand how to leverage that network for learning.

Here's Mr. Neill's contribution.

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