Monday, February 14, 2011

Connected Student and Teacher

Today was the first of two LCEEQ (Leadership Committee on English Education in Quebec) conference days in Montreal. The keynote was delivered by Martha Kaufeldt who focused on what teachers need to know about the latest brain research. "Stressed-Out, Overflowing Student Brains" was the subject of her next smaller session. I would encourage readers of this blog to visit John Medina's Brain Rules or get his book.  His work is very readable and gave me lots of great ideas for how student engagement.  For a more challenging read, I recommend John J. Ratey's Spark.  He explains the impact of exercise and movement on the brain and learning.

Today I presented a session called "Connected Student, Connected Teacher".  The slides for the presentation are available here and in a few days, I will post them to my slideshare account complete with an audio file.  Even though I recorded most of the session, I am not able to post this audio file with the slides because of one audience participant who indicated her that she was not in favour of this recording.  According to the conference organizers, if one person declines, then I am not able to post the audio.  Actually, this is an opportunity to record a smoother delivery than today's.

I encourage teachers to take my material and use it to enrich their networks.  I ask only that they credit me as the author.   Comments, questions and ideas are welcome!

I look forward to Ian Jukes and Adora Svitak tomorrow.


  1. Wow! There's a lot of information in this presentation, and I would have enjoyed the audio portion to make more sense of the slides. Thanks for making a whole lot of logic from new-school logistics, Daryl. Great stuff. Took a quick look at some of the links but will take more time later -

  2. Good visual aide you have on the presentation. I sure wish I have an idea what you were discussing so I'd be able to learn more.

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  3. You are right Mike. I need to take the time to record an audio. That will be on my to do list. Thanks for the reminder and for the interest.