Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cuban Blogging

Today was one of those days; tension was high (report cards loom near), trouble with the firewall and internet exacerbated that tension and frustration hung over teachers like a dark cloud. I ran smack into negative attitudes about integrating technology into classroom and fumed about the contradiction inherent in this resistance. (Those who resist the pull towards the digital are the first to complain when the net goes down.)

So, after a frustrating day, (and late night correcting), I finally take some time for myself and read one of my newest blog acquisition; Yoani Sanchez, a young Cuban blogger who, with the help of friends in Spain and elsewhere, manages to post regularly about her frustrations. Yoani Sanchez is worth reading and a few minutes of your time. Her writing is good and her insights are stunning. After a week of reading educational blogger types, she is a refreshing change. She writes about Cuba, about life in Havana, about not having basics, about deprivation, family, love, yearnings and everything else that makes us interesting. Today she wrote barely one paragraph about an off-handed comment of a stranger who said, (I paraphrase here), "I only want my little piece." Her blog reminds us of the glaring disparity between the "us" and "them". In a day when my biggest problem is antiquated attitudes, it`s good to be reminded that real people, intelligent and loving people, not far away, survive on precious little. They ask for what we have in abundance.

Thanks Yoani Sanchez. Keep writing and reminding us that you matter.


  1. Well said, Daryl. I like that you took the opportunity to compare the source of frustrations. Antiquated attitudes here, antiquated governing there. Obviously, having anything in abundance is no guarantee of appreciating it; quite the contrary, it seems. I will continue to follow Yoani's blog, thanks for tuning us in to her voice.

  2. Thanks for supporting Yoani and spread her word among friends.