Monday, November 8, 2010

Changing Times

Today I overheard a conversation between a student and a teacher that brought a smile to my lips.  It went something like this:

Student:  But why are you printing that?
Teacher:  Because I want you to have a copy.  It's important for you to have this.
Student: Give me a digital copy.  That'll be good.
Teacher: But I want you to have it with you.
Student: You don't need to print it.
Teacher: I want to give a  hard copy.
Student: And I want a digital copy. 

Why is it that the students are evolving faster than the teachers?  Why is it that the teachers can't (or won't) learn from their students?  Does this explain the resistance of technology in the classroom and the snail pace at which we, (and here I speak mostly of the teachers) leave the industrial model of teaching behind and move into the 21st century?  Teachers simply have to do better at changing their practices and pedagogy.  If we listen to the students' voices, insights and needs, how much more might we learn?

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