Sunday, October 10, 2010

Simple Truths from a New Jersey Blogger

I just read Karl Fisch's blog and he linked his readers to Vicky Bell's blog so of course I followed the link.  If you are reading this page, please do the same.  Ms. Bell wrote an open letter to her daughter reminding her of simple truths in life; nothing ruins your life forever.  The letter is beautiful, powerful and simply true.  Please read it and share it with the young people in your life.  When my son began his ninth grade, early in September, a fellow student committed suicide when his girlfriend left him.  I think about that young man every Fall and wonder what he would be like today if he had not made that terrible decision.  Teenagers need to know that there are options, even in the face of pain that seems insurmountable.  We all taste pain, some in greater measure than others.  Parents, teachers and significant adults need to be reminded to tell the young people in their lives about the simple truth Vicky Bell speaks of: nothing ruins your life forever.  Thanks Vicky.

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