Saturday, October 2, 2010

Obsurvey Trumps Google Forms

I'm a big fan of Google docs as my students and colleagues will testify. Google cloud computing has been my preferred way of working and saving/sharing document for over a year now and "once you go Google, you never go back" is still my favorite phrase. I stumbled upon Obsurvey; a very powerful tool for hosting on line surveys. Not only can you easily share the url to the survey you create with Obsurvey, and embed it on your webpage/wiki, but you can download a pdf file of the results, filter how you see the results and much, much more. This tool is invaluable for any student or teacher who wants to collect information easily. It has obvious applications for a sociology course where students are designing their own research project and collecting data; but it could also be useful in any course where the teacher wants students to interact with and interpret data. This would be a super tool for a math course. I found out about Obsurvey from David Wetzel who blogs at Teach Science and Math You can watch the creator, Allan Ebdrup from Copenhagen, explaining his wonderful tool for teachers in this screenr video:

So, in that same vein, I've decided to post a survey that I created this morning.  I know that students read this blog and so I'm inviting any student to respond to this survey.  (I'll create a separate one for teachers later on.)  Be be reassured that the survey is completely anonymous and know that I appreciate your honesty.  This idea was inspired by the webinar I listened to this morning at, a site that both teachers and students would be interested in visiting to see the results of their study and some of their surprising conclusions.)

(survey removed)

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