Friday, September 10, 2010

Video Editing from Your Browser

I've had it with Adobe Elements!  It crashes and freezes my computer.  I'm not a Mac user so I can't use Final Cut Express and Movie Maker, well...the pared down version for Windows 7 is even worse than the old one.  I don't want to spend more money on a video editing program so I decided to take Richard Byrne's tip and try out Jay Cut.  You don't need to download anything and JayCut work directly from your browser.  It's more interesting than the first time I looked at it last year because now you can include web cam footage.  So here is what I spent (too much) time doing today.  It's OK for the student's projects but I wouldn't really recommend it to the teachers who want something professional looking.   However, for the novice, it works well.  The program itself is intuitive and only needs a few alerts:

1- The embed code for the blog needs altering because the tag is wrong.  (Just add /embed inside these brackets < > and it should work.)
2 - In order for the transitions to work, you need to insert the clips on alternate lines.  The first clip goes on 'video A', then the next on the other line, 'video B' and then you can slide the transition in between the two.
3-  You can ease in the audio from a song and control the audio on your video clip but you can't control the volume of the imported song.

I like the subtitles.  Actually, for a freebie, it's great.  My younger students will like this. In a snap, you could use it to record a message to your class and the substitute teacher on days when you're sick in bed. (Thanks to Richard Byrne for that idea. I used it this week by recording a quick message with Camtasia and embedding it on the class wiki) . Try it out and leave your comment on either the program itself or my silly Schnauzer!

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