Monday, June 21, 2010

Farewell to the grads of 2010

It seems fitting to say farewell in a digital way to the grads of 2010. We already hugged them and wished them well; and yes, there will be more tomorrow night at prom but I wanted to 'do it digitally'.

I used my new toy, (Flip Ultra HD camcorder) but this time did not use the Flip software but Adobe Premiere Elements. (I tried the Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7 but it speeds up the voices and we sound like Daffy Duck!) I'm not impressed with the image; where did my ultra HD go to? I'm still learning the digital movie editing mysteries and maybe someone who is familiar with Elements can give me a hint because it seems the HD thief is there. I posted the 'Digital Learners' to my vimeo account and the resolution is perfect and I didn't use Elements for that one.

One more time...farewell and good luck to the grads of 2010! Remember, when you get to Cegep and if your teachers are stuck in the 19th century, demand better! Show them how and use your new learning tools tools to maximize your learning.

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  1. The music was nice! Thank you for sharing the video - it made correcting the exam a little bit better.