Friday, June 18, 2010

Digital Learner Tools

My students have been willing guinea pigs all year and the result has been positive for everyone. I was able to ‘test run’ many web 2.0 tools and they were able to leverage their learning as a result. Off they go to the next step in their education, Cegep (Junior College for the American readers), with a variety of cool tools at their disposal. These web 2.0 tools will help them become more confident learners. They know how to blog, screencast,(most used Screenr) make and share documents in real time with Google docs, share bookmarks on Delicious and Diigo, share opinions on Google groups and do advanced searches with Google. But of all these tools, their wiki skills please me the most. Some have even made their own wikis!
They graciously shared their answers to my question “which digital learning tool helped you the most this year?” and the video below is the result. I made this with an Ultra HD Flip camcorder but unfortunately, the sharp image of the HD is lost when uploading to YouTube. I hope this inspires teachers to incorporate some web 2.0 tools into the classroom. The students love it and the results are stronger and more confident learners.

Digital Learners from Daryl Bambic on Vimeo.

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