Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Audio Editing Programs

This year I'm determined to add a new level to the oral competency in the English Language Arts program.  I've included the option of recording for the students.  Instead of performing the oral (speech, monologue or what ever style the teacher has assigned) in front of the class, why not give students the option to play around with sound and record themselves?  This not only eliminates terrible anxiety about public speaking but allows the students to layer other interesting sound elements into their own voice performances.  They  can play around with music and use a few seconds as an introduction.  Special effects might give their performance that extra special ingredient!
When I think of how and what I listen to, on the radio and especially my beloved CBC podcasts, I can't imagine the voices without any music or other effects.  Let the students broadcast themselves and encourage them to use their voice as one element in the entire oral communication.  I look forward to seeing their creativity in action.  The two obvious choices for this type of assignment are both free: Audacity and Myna.  If you choose Audacity, make sure to download the LAME mp3 encoder so you can export your file.  If you choose Myna at, you'll have an option of embedding the audio file on your class wiki or blog.
I tested it first before making a screencast for the students.  You can listen to the audio
file and check out Myna for yourself.  Happy recordings!

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  1. While I completly agree with the idea of differention, as someone who had to overcome my anxiety of public speaking on my own I strongly encourage all educators to do face-to-face oral presentations. While I was in school, my teachers did not make us present because they felt we didn't want to. I think this is a terrible diservice as the ability to present your ideas orally with confidence is such an important soft skill in almost all walks of life.

    Thank you for sharing your classroom adventures with us, it sounds like a fantastic adventure.