Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Time to Learn

The prospect of two weeks off invariably has me making lists; friends to call, books to read, papers to correct and courses to plan for the new year. Somewhere in the midst of the very long 'to do' list, I indulge in my favorite activity - learning. Yesterday I discovered David Jakes. He is an educator/recent administrator of many years who recently presented at the NYSCATE conference along with Sir Ken Robinson and Chris Lehmann. I spent an entire afternoon reading his recent blog posts and listening to his keynote address at the conference. I appreciate his clear thinking and the way he reframes the urgent questions in education. David Jakes goes beyond the 'web 2.0 hype' and asks the question, "What does it mean to be well educated in the 21st century?" His presentation reviews what we already know about the virtual world and some other relatively new phenomena such as augmented reality and how that will impact teaching and learning.
His presentation slides are available here and you can listen to his keynote address here (as well as Sir Ken Robinson's musings about creativity and schools).

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