Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Power of Prezi

I recently spent some time discovering the marvels of PREZI and have decided to use it instead of PowerPoint for classroom presentations. The beauty about PREZI is in non-linear and zoom functions. This on-line presentation tool is easy to learn and FREE. It's a web-based application but you can download of copy of your presentation to your computer for that extra assurance. (We always need plan B when working with tech.) Prezi easily uploads photos, videos, screencasts and can embed a web link. Think of mapping your ideas on infinite space. No slides. Freedom from bullet points.

My next step is to show my students how to use it for their own presentations and then learn from them! PowerPoint is dead. Long live prezi. Here is my presentation on using wikis in the classroom. It's mostly images but you'll have an idea of the powerful visuals, infinite mapping space and zooming techniques.

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