Sunday, October 18, 2009

Powerful Sharing with

Today I spent some time with and want to recommend it as a powerful tool for private and very easy sharing of files. Just think of your own URL where you can 'drop' any type of file and invite people to view, add, comment, upload to it, download from it and tons more.

You can keep this URL private for yourself or share as you want with co-workers or friends. You can also password protect drops, set expiration timing and additional permissions like whether others can download, delete, add, etc.
You add files or media to drop by clicking the 'add' button on the top of the drop page (can also add files from the homepage) and from there you can add files, notes, website links and even voicenotes via the drop's unique voicemail number. I haven't tried this one yet but you can even use the's conference call number for meetings, email address to email text and/or attachments into the drop and fax coversheet to fax into the drop - try them out! It's super easy to share files and/embed them in a wiki (web/blog) page. To test it out, go to and see what I've put there.

Here's a tutorial to help you get started. Happy dropping!

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  1. You mention in your tweet that there is a tutorial in the Wiki? Where is the Wiki? is a fantastic service...thanks for sharing :)