Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogs, Wikis and Web 2.0

Here it is - my maiden voyage into the blogospere. In the summer of 2008 during the Campus Technology conference in Boston, I discovered blogs, wikis, the semantic web, cell phones as pedagogy and much more. After one year of tinkering with wikis and thinking about blogging, the time has come to put post to 'paper' and publish.

I'm not sure about how this blog will evolve but I know what I want to do with it: this will serve as a repository for the amazing sites and tools that I've found over the past several months. I offer this to my colleagues and other teachers on their learning curve.

My first offering is Helen Barrett and her site at I listened to her presentation at Classroom She was very compelling in making a case for e-portfolios as both a learning and assessment tool. E-portfolios are the next step in my own education and they are completely compatible with le renouveau pedagogique, final complex tasks and evaluating competencies. A student who is building their e-portfolio must make complex choices about their digital documents that most describe their learning curve and unique story.

E-portfolios have uses for teachers too! You never know when you'll be looking for a new posting, applying to another school or even taking on a different direction in your learning career. Administrators appreciate them for performance evaluation tools.

But what most captured my attention about her presentation was the idea that the e-portfolio is a living legacy that the 'new middle-aged' should have. Think of how much have we created over the years! All those lesson plans! To heck with that, what about all those poems I wrote? And all those great pictures! And what about those fabulous ideas for books (now blogs?) that I want to write when I have time and 'retire'? She gave me lots to reflect on and I'll be following her closely.

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